Bill Frisell: Music IS

Guitarist Bill Frisell releases a long overdue solo album, collecting material ranging from his earliest albums to fresh new material. Because of his experimentation with sounds and colors, any return to an “old” song is bound to have radical re-interpretations, and Frisell doesn’t disappoint. His effects on “In Line” and “The Rambler” from his first ECM album, as well as his return to “Ron Carter” feature wondrous sonic musings, while “Happy Go Lucky” and “Thankful” are patient pieces that use space like a sound. Most fun is “Think About It” which has the mad scientist putting his amp inside an upright piano to create a rich and other worldly tone. How did he even think about this? As Monk was to the piano, Bill Frisell is to the guitar; not focused on showing off chops, but bringing forth sonic textures, and this one is a beaut.

Sony Masterworks

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