The Bad Plus: Never Stop II

With founding pianist Ethan Iverson moving on, Orrin Evans comes in to complete the trio with Reid Anderson/b and Dave King/dr, and the band seems to have more of a traditional jazz feel. Oh, there’s still moments of Millennial quirkiness, but it’s more subdued, as Evans is flowing and lyrical over the busy and hip hopping King on “Hurricane Birds” and the straightahead “Commitment.” The team is staccato’d and bright on “Safe Passage” and funky on “1983 Regional,” with Evans getting chimey on the childlike “Boffadem.” Believe it or not, even dashes of Bill Evans harmonics gets a cameo appearance on a bluesy “Salvages” with some n ice brushwork by King, as well as on the stately “Kerosene II” with the team producing a nocturnal “Seams.” Less attitude with jazz, and more jazz with attitude.

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