Martin Wind: Light Blue

Bassist/composer Martin Wind creates a two sided suite of moods with the sympathetic teram of Ingrid Jensen/tp, Scott Robinson/reeds, Anat Cohen/cl, Bill Cunliffe/p, Gary Versace/key-p and Matt Wilson-Duduka Da Fonseca/dr.

The two moods, “Light” and “Blue” are contrasted by the addition of Maucha Adnet’s rich Brazilian voice on the latter, giving vocal sighs to the misty “Longing,” pleading in Portuguese along wit Wind’s bowed bass on the melancholy “A Sad Story” and cheerful on the sizzling “Seven Steps to Rio.” The team stomps along with Robinson’s bass sax on the ominous “Power Chords” and bops like vintage John Kirby as Cohen delightfully coos on “Ten Minute Song.” Reflective shadows lurk on “Rose” as Wilson bruhes out reflections, and the horns float on the misty “February.” Musical colors.

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