Francois Moutin & Kavita Shah Duo: Interplay

A rich and intimate yet free teaming between bassist Francois Moutin and Kavita Shah result in some rich yet abstract leaning swing. Shah is gifted with an attractively clear yet personal sound and delivery, using it in a variety of settings and moods. She gives a bohemian delivery of “You Go To My Head” while getting folksy with the bassist on her own “The Provider’s Gone” and impressionistic and dramatic as the two delve deep into Bill Evans’ “Interplay.” Moutin’s pulse and tone are tactile and flowing, playfully leading in to serve a plate to Shah on his “Bliss” and tapping out an intimate conversation on the co-written “Utopian Vision.” Martial Solal brings his piano for extra texture on the long shadowed “Coming Yesterday” and dreamy “Aigue Marine,” with iconic vocalist Sheila Jordan bouncing along with “Falling in Love With Love” and loosely lounging on “Peace.” Soft and floating feathers.

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