Dialectical Imagination: The Angel and the Brute Sing Songs of Wrath

This four song album is the follow-up to last years The Angel and the Brute Sing Songs of Rapture by the duo of pianist Eli Wallace and percussionist Rob Pumpelly. The pieces here are quite spontaneous, yet have a semblance of structure within the freedom. There are two “Autopoietica” pieces; the first has Walalce’s loose Monkish touch scramble around Pumpelly’s cymbal work for 10 loose minutes whereas the second is a dramatic rubato with dramatic piano and gently pulsating tom toms for half the time. There’s lots of splashing piano ivories while clashing drums on the chase scene of “Hatch” while the opus, a 15 minute “Strength & Presence” is a marathon kinetic with flying sparks and ricocheting bullets. Free form  Jackson Pollock styled jazz.


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