SIMO: Rise & Shine

I just caught guitarist/vocalist JD Simo in a solo concert, and was impressed enough to want to check out his latest album. He teams up with Elad Shapiro/b and Adam Abrashoff/dr for an album that drips with smoky blues. The team creates a Memphis Stew on the swampy “Return” and gets funky on “Meditation” while getting the juke joint jumping for “People Say.” Simo’s guitar can get Hendrixy as on the ominous “Light the Candle” or back porch tender during the acoustid “The Light” while picking with restraint on a tender “I Want Love.” The team knows how to drive on 8 cylinders, cruising on “Shine” and digging a deep groove on “Don’t Waste Time.” A nice add to your catalogue if you are in the Lang/Bonamassa side of life.




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