SHOB: Karma Obscur

Geoffrey “Shob” Neu is an electric guitarist that mixes hard driving funk with metal in a wide variety of settings. His heartbeat partner is drummer Morgan Berthet, but after that he rotates guitarists and keyboard with brass and vocals to create various colors in this musical mosaic.

His fingers snap and bend with some hip horns on the funkfest “Enclosures” and the soul grooving “Except 65” and the duo gets quite kinetic on the Soul Train-infested “The Right Move.” His thick pulse is palpable on the hard rocking “Straight Ahead” and 70s rocker “Sulfur” while even a dash of modern reggae with keyboards gets moving on “Rusty Dog.” Shob’s chops are never in question, and I would never want to thumb wrestle with this guy, as he can whack those strings like Stanley Clarke on “Green Elephant” and the nimble “Dissection.” Sign him up for a week at the Baked Potato!

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