****RINGER OF THE WEEK****THIS IS A PIANO TRIO….Jeff Hamilton Trio: Live From San Pedro

One of the greatest living drummers, Jeff Hamilton leads a double life, splitting his time with the Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra and this nifty trio with Christoph Luty/b and Tamir Hendelman/p. Here’s he’s with the trio at a swinging gig in the Alvas Showroom in San Pedro, CA. The team master’s space and style like an Italian suit, shuffling the blues on “Gina’s Groove,” swinging the gospel groove on “Sybille’s Day” and bopping with the brushes on “Hammer’s Toes.” Hendelman is a master of using space and melody as Hamilton gently rides the cymbals on “Poinciana” and Luty bows with warmth on a radiant “I Have Dreamed.” No one shouts out for attention, sophistication without sterility. A poster child for professional swing.


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