****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Hristo Vitchev Quartet: Of Light and Shadows

Guitarist Hristo Vitchev continues to create an impressive and wide ranging catalogue with this latest album. He’s with his regular quartet of Jasnam Daya Singh/p, Dan Robbins/b and Mike Shannon/dr and they work together like the Houston Astro’s infield; perfectly in sync, letting nothing get by.

Vitchev’s tone is lithe and warm, with hints of Metheny on flowing yet melodic pieces such as graceful “Selective Absorption” and title track. Singh and Shannon create ripples that percolate on “The Shortest Wavelength,” with the bassist creating a deep throbbing pulse, creating a pilaf of foundation for guitar and piano on “Pentachromatic Butterflies.” Lovely romantic etudes are formed by the leader as he weaves around Robbins on “At Your Side” while the band digs deep for an assertive “Partial Darkness” that has everyone flex some muscles. The moods are mostly pastoral and the delivery is inspiring.





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