Dr. Lonnie Smith: All In My Mind

Celebrating 75 years of youth, B3er Dr. Lonnie Smith delivers a smoking gig at NYC’s Jazz Standard along with Jonathan Kreisburg/g and Johnathan Blade/dr. No one can groove better than the Doctor, and he fills the prescription with some pulled plugs that create sparks on “Ju Ju” and makes you feel like it’s between innings at Dodger Stadium on a joyful  “Up Jumped Spring.” Kreisburg is liquid on the strings as he gets bluesy on the moody “Devika” and creates rich droplets of dew during “On A Misty Night.” A couple of guest join in, with Joe Dyson snapping everyone to attention as the team cruises through “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” and vocalist Alicia Olatuja brings jaw dropping passion to “All In My Mind.” The cylinders were all pumping this night!

Blue Note Records


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