Kit Downs: Obsidian

Usually, when you associate the organ with jazz, the Hammond B3 comes to mind. Not this time around with Kit Downs. He records this album with a three-manual organ built in 1877 and stationed at London’s Union Chapel, as well as playing on a two manual and a single manual with no pedal board. He mixes high church  liturgy with some modern space sounds, using just about every pipe in the church on this one.

Dark, somber and meditative moods get visceral on pieces like “Black is the Color” and the high church veritas of “Kings.” The pipes lurk furtively on “The Bone Gambler” and even a dash of the carnival is mixed in during “Flying Foxes.” Spacey computer sounds take us past the Gothic  period on “Seeing Things and “Rings of Saturn” Tenor saxist Tom Challenger guests for a recitative on Modern Gods” as well. Music for beyond Sunday Morning Mass.

ECM Records

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