Steve Heckman & Matt Clark: Some Other Time/Slow Café

Tenor saxist Steve Heckman creates some ebullient jazz duets with pianist Matt Clark over 3 recording dates going back to 2004. Heckman’s tenor is rich, warm and palpable, and Clark is a perfect partner in going from stride to bop moods with aplomb. The team is joyful on Heckman’s “Admiring-Lee” which is a classic West Coast Cool romp, while his own ‘Slow Café” is creamy, melodic and personal.” The team seems realized on Thelonious Monk’s “Ugly Beauty” and bops with a bounce on “Jeanine” and gets warm and ember-like glowing on ”I Should Care.” Heckman whips out the soprano for a prismatic “Foregone Conclusions” and intimate “The Peacocks” and on flute is delicate with Clarke’s strident touch on “ Sheila’s Sunday Song.” Approachable and accessible.

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