Samuel Pompeo Quinteto: Que Descaida

Brazilian Samuel Pompeo rotates between baritone sax, clarinet and soprano sax along with compatriots Dino Barioni/g-viola, Fabio Leandro/p, Gibson Freitas/b and Paulinho Vicente/dr through an album of infectious home grown melodies.

The team mixes bop, classical and traditional themes, as Leandro gently prances before Pompeo pops the clutch with his baritone sax and tears into a torrid “De Cachimbo” while nimbly prancing on the bouncy “Agua Na Chaleria.” Dark moods good moody with Barioni and the leader’s reed on a shadowy “Janeiro 15” while on soprano Pompeo dances with abandon during “Rio Acima.” Pieces such as “Apanhei-Te Cavaquinho” and the acoustic guitar/clarinet mix of “Sem Chordo” are infectiously virtuous in terms of musicality and optimisim. Cheerful themes and pleasures.







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