****RINGER OF THE WEEK****THIS IS AN ALTO SAX…. Gil Spitzer: Falando Docemente

I really thought that sax players forgot to play this way. The translation of the title by alto saxist Falando Docemente means “speak sweet” referencing to the tone and style of mellifluous artists like Paul Desmond, Johnny Hodges and Stan Getz. Docemente captures the lithe and fluffy sound, but celebrates it in a modern atmosphere with a variety of moods on this highly pleasing album.
He is joined by a core team of Chico Pinheiro/g, Nilson Matta/b, Mauriciao Zottarelli-Steve Johns/dr and Juillian Shore/p as well as being supplemented by a string quartet, percussion and Harry Allen’s breathy tenor sax. Regarding the latter, Allen melds like a mint julep with the leader on “Blues For Harry A,” a hip “This I Dig of You” and a bel canto “Early Autumn” which hearkens to the days of Woody Herman’s Second Herd.
Docemente delivers rich arias with the string team on a pastoral “The Very Thought Of You,” a dreamy “Nature Boy” and clever take of Sonny Rollins’ “Valse Hot.” His sax gives a full moon glow on the haunting “Angel Eyes” and sways with Pinheiro during the sensuous “Triste” and “Bossa Antigua.” If tone is your thing, and it should be, this is like an oasis in a modern musical desert of cacophony.

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