****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Gaia Wilmer Octet: Migrations

Saxist Gaia Wilmer creates a pastoral album with the team of Yulia Musayelyan/fl, Song Yi Jeon/voc, Gustavo D’Amico/sax, Lendro Pellegrino/g, Vitor Goncalves/p-acc, Mayo Pamplona/b, Richie Barshay/dr and guest Raphael Lehnen/perc. The songs mix Jeon’s ethereal voice blending in with the woodwinds and gently rhythmic pulsations to create dreamy cadences on pieces such as the floating “ After Them” and the serene “Nostalgias.” Jeon uses vocal percussion to team with rustling rhythms supplied by Barshay and a deep pulse with bass and drum for “No Talking” while soprano sax and alto sax long tones team with her voice on the lurking “Helen.” Dreamy folk moods team with Goncalves’ sighing accordion with pathos on “Cha” while children’s voices lead into prancing pastoral piano and tenor sax on “Criancada.” Water colors of sound dominate the page on this beautifully sonic collection of pastels.

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