Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberaton: Rite Through An Eclectic Spectrum

Gene Pritsker mixes Stravinsky with modern sounds and attitudes as he plays guitar, dj and even throws in some rap along with Franz Hackl/tp, Greg Baker/g, Philipp Moll/b, Gernot Bernodier/dr and the voice of Chanda Rule as well as some tap dancing, percussion and extra rap thrown in by Max Pollack. The live recording from the 2014 Outreach Music Festival opens with Hackl’s horn giving hints of the Rite of Spring during the floating introduction, being brought into full effect along with Pritsker’s guitar on the rollicking “Rite of Spring Jam.” Rule’s earthy voice adds depth to the peppy “Spring Swing,”  the upbeat “Dream Residue” and the tribal mix of percussion and horn on “ Sacrifice.” The raps and chants during “The Chosen One” get pretty exciting and  tribal, while the frantic “Rivals” feels like a traditional folk dance that is rocking to a climax. Modern classical teams with urban inner cities and Soweto on this wide ranging gig.

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