Dimitar Liolev: Eastern Shadows

Alto saxist Dimitar Liolev leads a free flowing pianoless quartet with martin Tashev/tp-fh, Massimiliano Rolff/b and Dimitar/dr through a collection of homegrown originals.
The team shows it’s frisky side on the loose and left sided “Four Talkers” and the frisky “Night Hope,” but things mellow out a bit with Liolev’s lithe sax and Tashev’s warm brass on the sleek “Day One” and the danceable 5/4 New Song.” The team gets mystical with Tashev’s voice and Semov’s drumming on “Eastern Shadows,” get bluesy on “Still Wondering” and do some reflective work with space and silence with Rolff’s floating bass on “Filipopolis.” A mix of creativity, adventure and darkly swinging shadows.

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