David Friesen: Structures

David Friesen uses his unique Hemage Bass to create a two cd set of intimate duets, one with saxist Joe Manis and the other with cool toned guitarist Larry Koonse. The result on the former is a tender and reflective mix of pieces such as the nimble grooved “Martin’s Balconey” with delightful soprano and a warm vibrato’d “Brilliant Heart” featuring a warm tenor. Friesen throws in a little piano on the post bopping “New Hope” and pastoral “Going Forth” while his bass is attractively tensile on “Roof Tops.”

With Koonse, the moods go chamber soft on “Make Believe” with an easy, calm bop during “Romantic.” The strings create dewdrops of delight for “My Faith, My Life” and do wonders with watercolors on the pastel-toned “New Hope.” Saying much by whispering.









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