Paul Moran: Smokin’ B3 Volume 2

Paul Moran subtitles this album “Still Smokin’” meaning that the B3er-horn man still knows how to work a groove. As with all things Hammond, the key is in the song selection and pulse, and Moran, along with a pair of teams consisting of Jim Mullen-Nitel  Price/g, Mez Clough-Adam Roman/dr, Michael Osbourne-Jeff Scantlebury/perc and Laurence Cottle/b create hip and swinging rivulets.

Moran hums on the Leslie amps and Price glides with cool strings on a bluesy “Come Together” and “One Note Samba” while the team gets greasy on “Fried Chicken” and “Ruby Blues.” Mullen takes the pulpit on “The Work Song” as Roman and Moran’s bass pedal get the neck supple on the fun and funky “Working In A Coal Mine.” A smoky take of “Blueberry Hill” and wondrous cantor on “Where Or When” make this a juke joint that jumps.

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