Mostly Other  People Do The Killing: Paint

Stripped down to a trio format, Mostly Other People Do The Killing consists of Ron Stabinsky/p, Moppa Elliott/b and Kevin Shea/dr as they mix classic bop sounds with modern quirkiness along the lines of The Bad Plus. As opposed to their note for not re-play of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue a few years ago, there’s only one cover here, an intelligent interpretation of Duke Ellington’s “Blue Goose.” Stabinsky’s touch on the piano is confident and rich, with the team bouncing along merrily on “Yellow House,” with some deft interplay by Shea as he supplies percussive communication and drapery on pieces like “Golden Hill” and “Whitehall” and Elliott delivers rich statements and melodies during “Black Horse’ and “Plum Run.” A 21st Century working trio for Millennials.

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