Adam Rudolph: Morphic Resonances

Seven compositions by Adam Rudolph are presented in a variety of forms on this album that mixes classical, folk and jazz sensibilities. Two pieces by the Mementa String Quartet are 13 minute excursions with “Morphic Resonances” producing melancholic Bartok moods and “Synactic Adventures including pizzicato jabs and angular bows. “Kaoru Watanabe and Marco Cappelli mix flute and guitar for moods that mingle Japanese garden pastoral with abstract harmonies, while violinist Sana Nagano goes solo with modern harmonies on a searching “Strange Thought.” Some modern chamber sounds get tensile on “Coincidentia  Opposistorum” and a juxtaposition of military drums and static rumbling fight for seniority on “Orbits” by the Odense  Percussion Group. Varied and variegated.

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