****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Or Bareket: OB1

With family and influences ranging from Morocco, Iraq, Israel and Argentina, bassist Or Bareket delivers an exciting album filled with sounds, rhythms and smells akin to an open market. He creates a band with Shachar Elnatan/g, Gadi Lehavi/p, Ziv Ravitz/dr, Vitor Goncalves/add and Keita Ogawa/perc for this vibrant 9 song musical journey.

His own bass playing is tensile, lyrical and flexible, displayed on his solo closing tune “Shir Lelo Shem,” but also demonstrated on a pair of nimble “Elefantes,” the first with Lehavi’s elegant bass and the second featuring Elnatan’s gracious guitar. Elnatan’s guitar is highly Metheny-esque as he solos on the post bop “Snooze” while Bareket guides the band of stallions between the hedgerows and Lehavi flows along the deep groove. Bareket’s bass does a festive circle dance as the team ebbs and flows on the liquid “Patience” while the team produces and irresistibly restless pulse on “Joaquin” and produces a folksy feel on “La Musica Y La Palabra.” This one doesn’t have a weak nanosecond; it’s brimming over like a root beer float.


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