Arturo O’Farrill & Chucho Valdes: Familia-Tribute to Bebo + Chico

A tribute to the musical legacy of grandfathers is delivered here by 3 generations of artists. Bebo Valdes and Chico O’Farrill serve as the inspiration and composers, while the sounds are supplied by sons Chucho Valdes/p and Arturo O’Farill/p as well as grandchildren Jessie/dr & Leyans/p Valdes and Adam/tp & Zack/dr O’Farrill.

The two cd set is divided into an 18 piece Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra and a 10 member Third Generations Ensemble, with Anoushka Shankar adding sitar and Christopher Sanchez bringing percussion to a couple of songs. Besides that, you get exciting saxes and percussion on “Bebochicochuchotur” along with festive piano and percussion on “Tema De Bebo.” The salsa bops on “Piantis” while the brass gives dark hues on “Three Revolutions.” The drums create and avalanche with percussion on “Gonki Goni” and Leyanis Valdes’ piano solo is gorgeous during “Para Chico.” Excitement abounds on this collection of music that gives a new angle to family values.

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