Akshara: In Time

The word “Akshara” translates into “imperishable” or “indestructible.” That’s fitting as the team of Bala Skandan, Nitin Mitta, Arun Ramamurthy, Max ZT, Dave Eggar and Kabilan Jeganathan supply traditional and solid Indian instrumentation, while Thejeswini Raj, Beenakumari Viju and Shrinath Viswanathan team with Skandan to provide vocal percussion on pieces such as “Opus in 5” and “Mohana Blues.” The flute-like bansuri creates lovely melodies on “Shadjam”  and the strings form a delicate misty on “Urban Krithi.” The percussion has a western accessibility to it, making for a perfect rice pilaf for solo or group improvisations as on ”Mind the Gap” with the harmonies always on the mild side of flavor. Reflective and graciously swinging.

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