Abelita Mateus: Vivenda

Brazilian pianist and vocalist Abelita Mateus delivers a rich album co-produced by guitar master Romero Lubambo. The feel is flowing and rich, with instrumentals such as “Famiia Brandao,” “Saudades Do Brasil” and “Amor Ate’ O Fim” glistening with guiat, piano, percussion and Claudio Roditi’s autumnal trumpet. The remaining team of Itaiguara Brandao/b, Adriano Santos-Portinho/dr and Phillip Gillette/perc come across as a mix between vintage Jobim and Brasil 66 during the cozy “Obi” and deliciously samba’d “Doscaissap-Brigas Nunca Mais” with Mateus honey’d voice. The teamwork between Mateus and the glowing strings of Lubambo is a highlight here, sashaying on “Aviao,” intimate on “Esquinas” and warm as a summer night on “Pedro Brasil.” Fans of Brasilia will flock to this one.


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