Yes, even in Los Angeles, you can feel the seasons change. It’s not as dramatic as in the Midwest or New England states, but fall still comes to La La land, though in ways in variance with the rest of the country. What a shock! And, except for the weather, everything else is a fairly recent creation by some one or a group of people. It’s amazing what one simple idea can lead to over a period of time.

So, for the rest of the states, here is what we look forward to during October…

  • College Football!! Whether you like USC or UCLA, your Saturdays are excitedly occupied by some of the best (non?) professional football in the country. Sure, the Rams are back after an exodus, and San Diego has moved up north, but who cares? The Trojans get better attendance than both NFL team COMBINED
  • LAKERS AND CLIPPERS-at one time, LA was ruled by Jerry Buss and the Lakers, but now they are overpaid underachievers. The Clippers are actually the hip team to see, and going down to LA Live to see them is a TON of fun.
  • HOCKEY! The Kings rule downtown, and if you don’t go to El Cholo for some eats before or after the game, you don’t appreciate the finer things in life, although The Pantry runs a close second.
  • LA Opera-One of the top notch Opera joints in the world, the Music Center this season has operas like “Carmen,” “Nabucco” and “Rigoletto” all organized by Placido Domingo and craftily conducted by James Conlin or Placido Domingo. Bravo!
  • Jazz Clubs-yes, we actually do have a few, and all the jazz artists have stopped performing at summer festivals and cruises and are back in the cozy confines. Even better, the Angel City Jazz Fest is happening this month, and even if you’re not a diehard fan of left of center music, it’s a treat to take in music at its most cutting edge.
  • Baseball playoffs! The Dodgers are actually in first place. This is the first time I’ve been excited about them since they dumped Mike Piazza. Is that our version of “The Babe Ruth Curse”? Maybe they can get to the Series, but with the Diamonds in the way, and the Indians in the American League hotter than a Latin Lover, don’t hold your breath.
  • The Santa Annas! Those wild winds whip around this time of the year, creating an eerie worry for possible fires. Time to pray!
  • Halloween, All Saints Day, The Great Pumpkin and Harvest Carnivals-Everyone celebrates Halloween, but some churches do “Harvest Carnivals” so they won’t have to dress their kids like devils or prostitutes.
  • Disney Hall-jazz shows start coming to the acoustically perfect theatre in downtown,meaning you get great music and a great meal somewhere nearby.
  • Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. 500 years ago,on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses (arguments of debate) on the door of the Wittenburg Church, starting a religious movement that influenced Western Civilization, and America, to this very day. Ever hear of the “Protestant Work Ethic”? And because this is the 1/2 millenial celebration, there’s a ton of great music from that era and movement that is being released, from Bach to Mendelssohn. A might fortress, indeed! 

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