The 3 Trumpet Band: Live at The 1905

Mixing Kentonesque brightness with Lester Bowie freedom, the 3 trumpet team of Dick Titterington, Paul Mazzio and Thomas Barber team up with the flexible Greg Goebel/key, Dave Captein/b and Jason Palmer/dr for a rollicking collection of originals. The team is loose and Mingusy on the kinetic “Kakistocracy” with all horns blasting away like the Earp Brothers and Doc Holiday at the OK Corral. A gospel pulse has the team in a shiny mood on “Petrichor” and the staccato’d brass is relentless on “The Dark Clown.” Some post bop musings on “In Flux” and and a muscular “Bass Line” has the team splatting out the blues, and each horn gets a chance in the spotlight, but it’s the unison forays that will stay with you. Braggin’ in brass, indeed!

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