Subhi: Shaitaan Dil (Naughty Heart)

Based in Chicago, vocalist Subhi mixes pop and jazz on this accessible and quirky album. The team of Joaquin Garcia/p, Rajiv Halim/sax, Gustavo Cortinas Fouilloux, Ivan Taylor/b, Aaron Shapiro/g and Constantine Alexander/tp are mixed and matched, ranging from a folksy Hindi “Fly Away” to a bopping “Childhood.” She sighs with Taylor on “Meaningless” and the team does a kitschy klezmer on Who Are You” and “Idea” while delivering a chanson styled cabaret vocal with Garcia on “Cure.” Her voice plays cleverly with harmonics stretching the lyrics that work in both the jazz and Indian settings. Well travelled.

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  1. October 14, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    Thank you so much George for taking the time to listen to my album & reviewing it!

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