Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura: Kisaragi

At some point, one has to decide when something is music, and when something is abstract art created by musical instruments, like a sonic Jackson Pollock painting. Pianist Satoko Fujii and trumpeter Natsuki Tamura cross the line here, with eight pieces that come across more of a collection of sound effects than musical compositions. Brass caused gurgles and cries like a baby dominate “Hakusyo” and there is so much sucking on the mouthpiece during “Shunrai” that it sounds like a trumpet giving a hickey. Hiccups and piano strings scratched are on “Iwashigumo” while dark spaceship landings are encountered on the title track. A trip to the dentist is climaxed with the mouthwash  being spit out during “Muhyo.” Is there a movie to accompany this?




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