****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Gerald Beckett: Oblivion

Gerald Beckett hits the jackpot as he plays flute and alto flute on this rich collection of material and moods. Ranging from post bop to modal and even chamber, Beckett teams with a string section and a rotating jazz rhythm and horn team to create a rich palate of colors.

Just when you think nothing else could be done with Miles Davis’ “So What,” Beckett teams with Nancy Bein’s cello in a jazz setting for a mix of elegiac intro and swinging grooves. He takes Cal Tjader’s bossa “Davito” and grooves it with percussion and Ari Caprow’s guitar , while sounding peppy with Ruben Salcido/as, Steve McQuarry/key Charles Thomas/b and Greg German/dr on “Swinging At The Haven.” He broods in melancholia with a string quartet during “Nem Um Talvez” and floats with grace with added drum on Astor Piazzolla’s “Oblivion.” He shows he can bop with the best on “Blues #2,” but the winning piece is the 12 minute “Out of this World” while has the band mixing modern modal, dreamy harmonics and rich cantoral cries for a piece that seems to carry on for a timeless journey that you don’t want to end. The variety of textures, moods and atmosphere’s makes this an album you’ll keep returning to; look hard and wide for it!


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