Brian Landrus Orchestra: Generations

Brian Landrus showcases his warm sounding baritone sax and bass clarinet in a rich orchestral settings with strings on this rich and luscious album. Much of the material sounds made for daydreaming or for a pastoral soundtrack, with Landrus’ wide tone filling the room with tasteful support on the four movement “Jeru Concerto” with a thoughtful aria solo on the “Interlude.”

The band gets a bit more swinging and rhythmic with Joe Locke’s vibes and mark Feldman’s violin on “The Warrior” and the flutes of Jamie Baum and Tom Christensen float on “Human Nature.” The textures are Gil Evans rich, combining wondrous vistas with gracious solos that wisp like breezy linen drapes as on “Every Time I Dream.” Thoughtful cirrus clouds of sound.

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