Wooten Chambers Franceschini: Trypnotyx

Bassmeister Victor Wooten teams up with the muscular team of Dennis Chambers/b and Bob Franceschini for a wild ride through space and time. The album is bookended by a travelogue “Takeoff” and “Landing” supplied by Michael Winslow’s voice and sound effects. In between, you get some amazing chop fests as on the kinetic “DC10” with the three going mano a mano, while Francheschini sizzles on tenor during “A Little Rice and Beans” and gets gritty during the bluesfest on “The 16th Floor.” Wooten is a one man Famous Flame as he bends and snaps like Reese Witherspoon on “Liz & Opie” and he lays down a wild bass line for Fanceschini’s soprano on “Cruising Altitude” and back beats with Chambers during “Funky D” with Winslow’s voice. The team gets Hendrixy during the title track, and some messages of unity speak together on “Final Approach.” Wooten and company make white knuckle rides seem like an A ticket on this accessible yet G Force of a trip.


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