Uri Caine & The Lutoslawski Quartet: Space Kiss

Rarely does the mix of jazz and classical work as well as it does with this meeting between pianist Uri Caine and the Lutoslawski Quartet, consisting of Bartosz Waroch/v, Marcin Markowicz/v, Artur Rozmyslowicz/va and Maciej Mlodawski/cel. Caine composed all of the pieces, and they display an empathetic posture to both genres, with rich strings that mix Eastern Europe with graceful swing on pieces like “Knucklehead” and the Bartokian title track. The mix of turbulence and grace between Caine’s fingers on the piano and the strings is seamless, feeling like sonatas with rich improvisations on the delicate “Your Eyes Like Doves” and the volatile “Past Is Present.” The elan of a classy parlor is displayed on “Burlesque” while the most pastoral of the moments, “Prayer,” stretches out for 10 minutes of meditative rest. Nothing feels contrived or forced, and makes for a great marriage of ideas.



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