Simon Sammut: Crossing

Bassist Simon Sammut leads a richly textured team of Tony Sammut/p, Marc Galea-Jonathan Ellul/g, Mark Attard/b, Melchoir Busatti/dr-perc, Marlene Sammit/voc and various guests through a clever musical journey.

Always filled with melodies, the songs include a spoken chant with rock beats and grooves supplied by Ellul and Busatti on “Be The Change” while sounding meditative with synthetic percussion on “Primethean.” Thick and razor sharp guitar work sears through “Darma Daruma Doll” while getting plaintive on the pastoral “Crossing.” Sammut’s bass hearkens to dashes of Jaco Pastorius on “Bell Ringer” while getting spacy and bluesy during “When Stone Comes To Life.” Included in the album are pictures to accompany each song, making the outing a clever multi-sensual fest. Worthwhile and creative.

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