Michael Hurdle & Paul Anderson: Highlands and Houston

Michael Hurdle plays guitar, bass, dobro and tres while teaming with Scottish Fiddle master Paul Anderson, as they lead a team of Tim Solook/dr, David Munks/key, Al White/ pec and vocalists  Elisha Jordan,  Braxton Edwards and Alastair MacDougal/g along with cameo guests on an album rich in melody and folk themes.

The team shows it knows how to get down and funky as on “Cabin Door” while Anderson’s strings yearn on “Window in the Clouds.” The team takes you to the local pub on the Americanish traditional “Simple Tune” while you’ll raise up a Guinness on “Rose of Glen Davan” and “Jeannie Mo Chridhe.” Hurdle adds some electric blues on the cozy “Highlands Moon” and the team will get you dancing on “Gypsy.” Munks’ oozing Hammond creates a folksy gospel sound on “A Fond Memory” and strings add to a romantic “A Song For Charlotte” before the team closes the evening for a last round with an intimate “Scotland The Brave/Auld Lang Syne.” Pull up to the bar and enjoy yourself!






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