Katie Thiroux: Off Beat

Katie Thiroux delivers a clever and eclectic set here with a core of Justin Kauflin/p and Matt Witek/dr along with a rotating reed team of Ken  Peplowski and Roger Neumann, who blow warm and rich. Thiroux sings like a bass player, displayed best on her “Willow Weep For Me” when it’s just her and her instrument. She holds notes at times like a long bow, pops others like slapping strings and bends others like she was working along the long neck, and it all works well. She is fun and quirky on the title track with Old World clarinet and soprano sax, while the two tenors ooze together on a relaxed read of Duke Ellington’s “Happy Reunion.” She slinks the blues on “Some Cats Know” with Peplowski  and is breathy with Kauflin on “Why Did I Choose You.” The team gets a bit bohemian with some Beat poetry on “When The Wind Was Green” and Thiroux shows her clever and winsome scat chops on “Ray’s Idea.” Upbeat, unassuming and filled with simple pleasures.


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