Jovino Santos Neto & Andre’ Mehmari: Guris

Celebrating the music of famed composer Hermeto Pascoal, Jovino Santos Neto plays piano, melodica and flute along with Andre’ Mehmari’s piano, keyboards and bandolim for a collection of suave and sensuous sounds. Guest Hermeto Pascoal actually joins in on teakettle and melodica while the sounds ripple on “Aquela Valsa” and the gloriously old world “Igrejinha” while vocal percussion makes for rich pulsations on “Jovino Em Realengo.” The piano and keyboards make for great dance partners during “Andorinhas” and title track, while the keys flow like trickles of spring water on “Samba Do Belaqua” and “Baio Da Sorte.” Sublime joys.

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