Hyeseon Hong Jazz Orchestra: EE-YA-GI (Stories)

Composer and director Hyeseon Hong puts together a  big band that adroitly handles the sophisticated stories from the conductor’s pen. Hints of harmonics from Hong’s Korea make for fragrant atmospheres, as Ingrid Jensen’s trumpet drifts over the gracious harmonics of “Harvest Dance” while electric guitar , Ben Kono’s alto and Matt Vashlishan’s EWI add tendons to the dark, foreboding and plodding “Friends or Lovers.” Most intriguing is the folk yearnings of vocalist Subin  Park as she opens op on the earthy and melodic “Boat Song” which also features Richard  Perry’s tenor sax, as well as haunting voices in choral form along with Broc Hempel’s piano for a rich and rewarding sonic journey on “Disappearing into Foam.”


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