Davala: The Book of Transfigurations

Davala consists of leader/vocalist Julia Ulehla with Aram Bajakian/g, Peggy Lee/cel, Tyson Naylor/p-key, Colin Cowan/b and Dylan van der Schyff/dr-perc. Together they perform music and ideas from the Czech Republic in a way that keeps with traditional sounds yet also runs forward into the 21st Century. Ulehla’s voice is rich, compelling and at times defiant, glowing in folk material and village moods one moment, and then piercing through thundering electronics like a Metallica concert the next. The songs are sung in the local language, with translations for the rest of us, with Ulehla making her voice produce sounds at times like an angel or with the heat of a search light. Fascinating, with times of drama, gentility, reverence and joy.



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