DAILY DOSE OF VITAMIN B3…Dave Askren & Jeff Benedict: Come Together

The hip team of Jeff Benedict/ts and Dave Askren/g form a organic quartet with Joe Bagg/B3 and Paul Romaine/dr on a mix of swinging covers and originals. The beauty of a B3 combo is the ability to groove out any type of song, and here they make it work on material ranging from the slinky Beatles title track as well as the bop classic “Moment’s Notice.” Romaine shuffles to delight on “Groove Merchant” while on his “’Deed I Do” Askren weaves through the chords like a runner in an obstacle course. Benedict’s tenor is meaty, searing through “Cheese Grits” and shouting out loud on  “Pineapple Head.” Toe tapping is in session here.


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