WILD IN THE STREETS…Paul Rutherford & Sabu Toyozumi: The Conscience, Goncalo Almeida-Rodrigo Amado-Marco Franco: The Attic, Itaru Oki-Nobuyoshi Ino-Choi Sun Bae: Kami Fusen

Lithuania-based NoBusiness Records specializes in free thinking music that is spontaneous and surprising. Here are a few recent releases.
Trombonist Paul Rutherford teams up with drummer Sabu Toyozumi for five free-spirited originals. Rutherford displays his impressive triple tonguing on the high spirited “Beer, Beer and Beer” while he rumbles and converses with Toyozumi’s rumbling tympanies on the 23 minute title track. Restless paradiddles and crying valves dominate “Song for Sadamu Hisada” whle bop quotes pop up on “I Miss My Pet Rakkyo.” Sonic Jackson Pollack.
The trio of Goncalo Almeida/b, Rodrigo Amado/ts and Marco Franco/dr get aggressive and cataclysmic for their five collective compositions. Screaming reeds and sawing bows fill Shadow” and experiments with reeds and mouthpiece team up with hyperactive sticks on ”Hole.” Thunder and shouting between tenor and drums form “Spring” while an avalanche collides on “Nail” and herky jerky rhythms and slapped tongued tenor team up for Wagnerian effects on “Board.” A musical food fight!
Two trumpets from Itaru Oki and Choi Sun Bae form a trio with bassist Nobuyoshi Ino for a mix of flexible originals and a pair of bop standards. Oki’s doubling on flute creates a pastoral effect on “Ikiru” while the laconic horns float over Ino’s nimble bass on “Pon Pon.” A dash of “Mack the Knife’ creeps up in “ Yawning Baku” and Ino’s bass is dramatic on his feature “Kami-Fusen.” I Remember Clifford has a lovely and lazy lilt with the two horns melding well, while “Old Folks’ is bluesy and relaxed. Very clever!

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