SCANDINAVIAN SWINGING..Teemu Viinikainen III: Return of Robert Dickson

Finnish guitarist Teemu Viinikainen is well known in his homeland, and hopefully this impressive trio album with Mikael Myrskog/key and Joonas Riipa/dr will open a few doors in the States. He’s got a cool and relaxed tone, and uses it in a variety of moods on this mix of 8 originals. The team gets kinetic on pieces like the rockish “Birdman” and “MM” while he glides over Riipa’s loping drums on “Fine Again” He’s relaxed and laid back with Myrskog during “Fine Again” and creates rich ripples on “Return.” The trio feels cohesive, able to form funky bass lines on “III” or allow tender droplets fall like morning dew on “Return Part II.” Intriguing; any US plans?

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