Larry Newcomb Quartet w/ Bucky Pizzarelli: Living Tribute

Guitarist Larry Newcomb teams up with guitar legend Bucky  Pizzarelli for a swinging tribute album to various inspirations both musical and personal. Material ranging from the Depression to current pieces dot the eleven selections, with Pizzarelli contributing gorgeous strums of light during “I Remember You” and “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” with twelve strings of sublime droplets teaming up with Dmitri Kolesnick’s bass line along with Eric Olsen and Jimmy Madision on a sublime “Alone Together.” Horace Silver’s “Peace” is a lovely floating cloud, whereas originals such as “Round Pond Reunion” bop with delight. Vocalist Leigh Jonaitis  gets cozy with the band on “One Heart Ain’t As Great As Two” and intimate with Olsen during “ Love Is Here.” Unpretentious and sublime, just like the objects of Newcomb’s affection.

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