Art Fristoe Trio: Double Down

Pianist Fristoe puts together an impressive double disc of trio sessions with Tim Ruiz/b and either Daleton Lee or Richard Cholakian/dr. He mixes his own impressive originals with some intriguing covers, ranging from a nifty and deft “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” to a thoughtful “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” His touch is warm and inviting on the sensuous read of “Tres Palabras” and deep and pensive during “Speak Low” while Lee snaps everyone to attention during an exciting read of “Caravan.” His own material ranges from a gospel based “ ECM” to a hint of hip hop during “Forgetting I Knew You” while he shows taste and grace on “Better Lately” and a nice sense of bounce on ”Lambastin’.” Ambitious in selection, ideas and delivery.

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