AFRO SHEEN! Valenti: Valenti

The artist that goes by the single name Valenti plays drums, keyboards, bass, percussion and even contributes lyrics on this funkified album that is heavy on 70s soul sounds. Sometimes he playes all or most of the instruments giving some heavy thunder with drums on a stomping “Irving/Bear Creek, Texas” while creating s synthesized mood on “You.” He gets on the soul train with guitarist Kevin Snearley on “Side  Side” and some Barry White styled R&B gets down on “More Light,” whle some Isley Brother groove sizzles on “Stank” with guitarist Kelyn Crapp. A bit of funky choir sounds work well on “Backslide” with vocals by Zach Pohl” and churchified hand clapping teams with LaLa Johnson for a shiny disco ball during “Oh My.” Bring ;your dancing shoes and wide lapels for this one!

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