Sylvia Bennett: For You

Vocalist Sylvia Bennett walks the tightrope of pop and jazz a la Rosemary Clooney on this upbeat collection of tunes. She brings some funky soul in order to freshen up “The Look of Love” and with an introduction of strings, she swerves off road for a peppy and driving take of “Fly Me To The Moon.” Her voice is clear and with a wink in the eye, going bohemian with a gypsy heart during “Two Hearts, One Soul” and taking you to a smoky salsa nightclub on a breezy title track. She shows an impressive range with a reggae’d mix of Peruvian pipes and R&B bass line on “I Never Thought” while mixing contemporary popular music with horns on the upbeat “Glad To Know” while mixing 80s grooves with some jazzy trumpet work on Stay with Me.”  Pop music that also snaps and crackles.

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