Robert Mugge: The Gospel According to Al Green

Back in the 1970s, Al Green was the king of soul singers and at the apotheosis of his musical career. As displayed in this penetrating 1984 biopic, Green went through a crisis of faith and changed career directions. Putting his career on hold, he became a pastor and preached about an eternal and more spiritual kind of love in his church in Memphis, Tennessee. The reflections and insight delivered by Green are gripping and inspiring. It’s hard to argue with someone who’s had a vision and a visit to the Burning Bush, and Green is convincing in his conversion. What’s most refreshing is that 30+ years after this film was made, Green has kept faithful to his calling, and while he may have returned to an occasional  performance, he’s stayed true the vision. Inspiring in many ways, and a nice wake-up call for what’s really important in life. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but forfeits his soul?

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