****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Ulf & Eric Wakenius: Father and Son

Here’s a sublime duet record by the father and son guitar team of Ulf and Eric Wakenius. They play acoustic guitars with sublime delicacy and swing, taking on material ranging from jazz standards to Baby Boomer pop. The album is sandwiched between two different sections of Weather Report’s classic “Birdland,” and it works well in serving as bookends. There is a delicious interplay on soft pieces such as “Scarborough Fair” and a tender “Eleanor Rigby.” The title track has the two singing out the classic Cat Stevens thoughtful piece with sensitivity and understated charm, while “Paco’s Delight” shows a nice display of muscle that never overwhelms. If you’re a father, this album gives you hope that your son will follow the path you’ve trod before him. A real charmer!


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