JD Allen: Radio Flyer

Tenor saxophonist JD Allen paints with greys and sepias on this loose-fitting wardrobe of songs with Liberty Ellman/g, Gregg August/b and Rudy Royston/dr. Allen’s tone on the horn is as dry and dusty as a drive through Albuquerque, and he makes it sigh and wisp through pieces like the static “ Sitting Bull” and title track. The team gets pretty frisky and free on the expansive “Heureux”, with Ellman opening up o “Ghost Dance” and Royston getting snappy with some falling rocks on the cliff during “Daedalus” and “ Sancho Panza.” The mood throughout the subliminal and free-associated session is that of wind and drifting sands, sometimes swirling, other moments torridly moving forward.

Savant Records


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