Dave Kline: Shifting Borders

Violinist Dave Kline shows his days with Chick Corea paid off, as his own music has a similar love of the Mediterranean while each song is also a kaliedoscopic collection of shifting moods, like taking different side streets in a bazaar. He teams with Fernando Musin/eg-ag, Jon Laine/dr and gueses Cheikh Ndoye/b, Dan Paul/key, Lynn Veronneiu/voc and Emmanuel Trifilio/band for an exotic journey of fusion and folk. Pieces such as “Paris” and “5868” mix exotic Iberian flavors with rocking guitar solos and exciting rhythmic drives, while Kline himself bows with a rich vibrato and melodicism like a modern Stephane Grappelli. With flailing castanets, a passionate floor dance takes place on “Castillian Boogie” while a bit of funk with an Andalusian lilt waxes and wanes with drama and spaces of breath on “Shazam Returns.” Laine crackles with his time in the sun on the fusiony “Pronto,” with traditional folk sounds for the 21st Century team acoustic guitar on the dreamy “Enfin.” This is a guy to check out in concert.


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